Amazon Redshift Performance & Cost by airbnb

I just ran across this post by airbnb from last year, regarding their testing of Amazon Redshift vs Hive. It includes some good data points on cluster configuration (including dollars) and performance, but more useful is the direct comparison between Hive and Redshift.

Our data pipeline thus far has consisted of Hadoop, MySQL, R and Stata. We’ve used a wide variety of libraries for interfacing with our Hadoop cluster such as Hive, Pig, Cascading and Cascalog. However, we found that analysts aren’t as productive as they can be by using Hadoop, and standalone MySQL was no longer an option given the size of our dataset. We experimented with frameworks such as Spark but found them to be too immature for our use-case. So we turned our eye to Amazon Redshift earlier this year, and the results have been promising. We saw a 5x performance improvement over Hive.


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